Delivering Maximum Uptime
With Virtually No Maintenance!
The VeriCUT Crossflow™ Downdraft System is an expandable cutting table system for laser, plasma and oxy-acetylene workflows. Our tables are uniquely zoned so that customers can use 66% smaller dust collectors while achieving nearly 99% smoke removal. No other system in North America can match this high level of efficiency and performance.
Maximum Uptime

Maximum Uptime

100% mechanical. Virtually no repairs or maintenance. Extremely low operating costs. Learn more about the most energy efficient Downdraft Table on the market. Download Brochure
Cut Dust Collection
costs by 70-80%
Studies show that typical dust and fume-producing operations rarely achieve greater than 30% actual operating time, while dust-collection systems operate 100% of the time. The result is obvious, up to 80% of the electricity used to operate the system is wasted, taking valuable heated air with it.


  • smoke removal and control
    Superior Smoke RemovalFor improved operator safety
  • graph showing relationship between Increased productivity and reduced downtime with cutting tables
    Dramatically Reduce Downtime

    And increase productivity

  • Modular Component
    Modular Components

    Are maintenance-free for
    unmatched cost efficiency

  • customized
    Fully Customizable Systems

    For any size and application