Downdraft Tables Woodworking

Airborne wood particles from sanding and cutting are potential health hazards. A good downdraft table should work with the dust collection system to pull dust and debris away from workpieces. This helps to keep air cleaner while reducing time-consuming cleanup times.

Downdraft Benefits

  1. Affordable
  2. Efficient & Quiet Operation
  3. Low Maintenance

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Health & Safety Benefits

Building a safer and cleaner environment lessens your risks and liabilities while helping to attract, retain and reduce employee absenteeism overall. Downdraft sanding stations make it affordable to filter out any dust sources – eliminating unnecessary respiratory health risks.

VericCUT & Woodworking

Take advantage of VeriCUT’s extensive woodworking industry acumen – for all your dust collection and fume extraction needs and questions. We are prepared to realize any custom-build downdraft station for your convenience