Automatic Downdraft Cutting Tables

How Downdraft Tables are Built

VeriCUT designs, builds and installs high-efficiency smoke and dust removal systems for laser, plasma, and oxy-acetylene cutting. Our premier product, the mechanical VeriCUT Crossflow™ Downdraft Cutting Table, provides superior smoke removal resulting in:

  • Improved operator safety and productivity
  • Reduced machine maintenance and downtime
  • A dramatically cleaner shop environment
  • Very economical pricing
  • Greatly reduced operating costs

When you compare initial purchase cost and long-term operating costs, you’ll see why the difference is clear with a mechanical VeriCUT Crossflow™ Downdraft Cutting Table.

What is a Downdraft Table?

Downdraft tables are work benches with built-in ventilation systems that capture and draw smoke, fumes and/or dust away from workers and materials being worked on.


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Unique ZONE Design

We have achieved significantly superior productivity and cost savings by developing a unique zone-by-zone ducting design that provides localized smoke removal right at the cutting source. This means that, at any one moment, the dust collection system is drawing smoke only in a small area of the cutting table rather than drawing across the whole table all the time. The results of this unique approach are:

  • Lower air make-up costs
  • Higher dust recovery rates
  • Smaller dust collection system required
  • Better ROI on your equipment

Lower Operating Costs

A LOT lower! The zone-by-zone ducting design means that your dust collection system draws only from the immediate area affected by cutting at that moment, drastically reducing capacity and energy requirements. And because the VeriCUT Crossflow™ Downdraft Cutting Table has been designed to be completely mechanical, there are no expensive hydraulic or pneumatic parts to repair, no expensive cylinders to replace. Maintenance and downtime are virtually eliminated.

Continuous Improvement

The first VeriCUT downdraft system was built for our sister company’s fabricating plant and is still operating today. In fact, we often implement improvements and changes to our system first before implementing anything new in customer systems. We strongly believe in continuous improvement and your company can be assured that it is investing in the latest and best VeriCUT system available.

How Does the VeriCUT System Work?

Review the operating and technical data to read how the VeriCUT downdraft system is designed to perform efficiently.

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