About VeriCUT

VeriCUT is Innovation

In our constant quest for better customer service and more extreme equipment with huge capabilities, VeriCUT has innovation embedded in its DNA. VeriCUT, sister company of VeriForm, has created the best downdraft cutting table throughout North America simply because our customers’ demands for safety and efficiency were simply not being met by any other product in the industry.

The result of this need is VeriCUT’s own Crossflow Downdraft Cutting Table, completely eliminating dangerous smoke and dust during plate cutting. Explore our products and see for yourself why our Crossflow Downdraft Cutting Table is the leading dust and smoke eliminator across North America.


VeriCUT Inc. is committed to developing and implementing accessibilities policies, practices and procedures for the disabled. As such all information and communication to our customers, suppliers and staff will support persons with disabilities. Also, our hiring practices will accommodate disabilities during the selection process. Documents required under the Customer Service Standard are available upon request and are made available in accessible formats.