Industrial Downdraft Tables

Maintaining air quality in a machine shop is challenging!

VeriCUT offers custom built downdraft tables help address poor indoor air quality problems with industry grade, high-quality, workplace downdraft tables.

How Downdraft Tables Work:

  • Downdraft tables and benches work – by drawing air contaminants down and back – away from a operators breathing area. Haphazard dust and smoke generated is captured at the source.


  • Downdraft tables are well suited for hazardous fume and dust removal, in a wide variety of shop applications including – routing, sanding, polishing, grinding, welding, polishing, grinding and cutting metal products.
Sanding – attain a smooth finish end product without putting shop at risk for fine dust inhalation
Welding – well-suited for  heavier-duty welding applications like TIG, stick and MIG welding
Deburring – helpful when abrasives are used to polish or finish fabricated materials
Grinding – beneficial while removing considerable amounts of refuse from metal and plastic grinding
Cutting – great for plasma cutting applications, while improving overall productivity
Mixing – prevents mixing powders and granules from escaping into the air

Industrial Fumes

  • In workplace applications where welding, soldering or painting particles are inhaled, health effects are known to range from dizziness and headaches to major health complications.

What do they Remove?

  • Overall, well-ventilated downdraft tables are effective at capturing and eliminating – fine dust, toxic gasses/ fumes/ smoke from ambient air at the source – for overall improved breathing quality.

Health Risk of Fine Dust & Fume Inhalation

Since fine dust particles are nearly impossible to see with the naked eye, they carry the potential of inflicting a host of chronic and acute health conditions for people inhaling these materials on a regular basis

Employee Benefits:

Their ability to clean ambient air – means an overall safer, healthier and cleaner work environment for all members.

  • installing high-quality downdraft tables as part of your production process provides
    • workers with a safe environment to accomplish their work,
    • also ensuring a high level of quality and performance to which you’ve grown accustomed.

Lung Health & Workplace Fumes

Unfortunately, normal lung functions are impaired as fine dust particles settle, scare and inflamed tissue. Effects are especially devastating where the dust is able to travel through the bloodstream and affect liver, kidneys, and brain – leading to acute and chronic health issues and eventual medical attention.