VeriControl Dust Collection System Cuts Operating Costs by 70-80%

About Dust collection system in VeriCUT mechanical downdraft tables in downloadable brochure

What is a Dust Collection System?

Dust collection systems – are air quality improvement systems used in mechanical, work working, metalworking, industrial and commercial processes to collect airborne, fine dust particles, and impurities. Dust collectors work on the basic principle of capture and collect 

Specially slotted air ducts in cutting tables serve as economizers, resulting in more efficient extraction – as demonstrated below.

Dust Collectors are Used for

Typically, cutting machines and similar dust producing equipment rarely achieve greater than 30% ‘green light’ operating times, yet dust collectors run 100% of the time. Matching these two operational times captures lost dollars every day.

Typical ROI of 7.5 months for:

  • Laser & Plasma Cutting Tables
  • Metalworking Shops
  • Woodworking Shops
  • Pharma, Cosmetic, Food & Chemical
  • Any dust or fume-producing process

Studies show that typical dust and fume-producing operations rarely achieve greater than 30% actual operating time, while dust-collection systems operate 100% of the time. The result is obvious – up to 80% of the electricity used to operate the system is wasted – taking valuable heated air with it.

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To Invest In A Dust Collection System

With the VeriControl System from VeriGreen, the dust control variable motor is automatically scaled back on shut down until it’s needed. You control the set-back parameters and your costs. The following case study illustrates actual savings on a plasma cutting table with a 13,000 cfm, 40hp dust collector.

Case study table, illustrating actual savings on a plasma cutting table with a 13,000 cfm, 40hp dust collector

Dust Collector Applications

  • metalworking dust collector
    Metalworking dust collector

    Machining, grinding, finishing, welding, cutting, spraying

  • woodworking dust collector from wood shop
    Woodworking dust collector

    Sanding, planing, sawing, routing, drilling, lathing

  • chemical dust collector
    Chemical dust collector

    Powder & fumes from pouring, mixing, filling, transporting

  • agriculture dust collector
    Agricultural dust collector

    Agriculture, metallurgical, mineral processing

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