Dust collection systems are critically important in any size of workshop that works with any material. Wood, plastic, and composite materials all produce some level of dust or fumes which can be harmful to employees health. Many areas also mandate the use of such collection systems to be compliant with health & safety regulations; it’s a critical piece to any workshop.

Dust and fumes produced by any material while being worked with are well known carcinogens, which can irritate the eyes, skin, and nose, while also leading to some forms of cancer. A workplace that is dusty, or contains fumes, is not safe for any worker and can lead to worker injury and lost downtime and production; not to mention lawsuits and a hike of insurance rates!

Keeping a shop dust and fume free is of critical operating importance, however this can be very costly for smaller shops. The VeriCut Downdraft Cutting Table has been specifically designed and built to reduce the amount of dust and fumes that escape, while using a reliable and virtually maintenance free fully mechanical design; the first step in keeping your shop safe and productive.