Machine shop environments have to be clean and well-maintained in order to uphold safety standards and ensure maximum efficiency. Most, if not all machine shop jobs will involve equipment and tools that produce a vast amount of dust. While there are masks and other items of safety equipment that workers can wear, companies can also cut back on cleaning and collection costs by investing in preventative measures – the most efficient would be the downdraft table dust collection system

A downdraft table is a workspace that doubles as a proper waste disposal.  There are many health-related hazards that come from breathing in dust and smoke (lung and throat cancer, continuous coughing and sneezing attacks, throat phlegm, asthma, and eye irritation). Therefore, proper dust collection has many good returns on the initial investment by: 

  • Improving working conditions for workers by prioritizing their health. 
  • Avoiding workers compensation claims and lawsuits.
  • Adhering to safety legislations and helping employers to meet their legal obligations.
  • Lowering insurance rates and premiums by preventing fires and accidents.
  • Preventing fires through reducing fire hazards. 
  • Ensuring high quality in the shop’s finishing department since dust cannot reach paint booths.
  • Impressing customers and giving a good impression through a clean shop environment.
  • Providing a clean and safe working environment for employees.
  • Boosting productivity through increasing visibility, improving accuracy, and speeding up efficiency. 
  • Maintaining equipment; less time spent to clean up dust and less money spent to replace clogged machines and worn parts results in future savings. 
  • Protecting expensive office equipment such as computers, printers, scanners and copiers. 
  • Removing the cost of custodial services. 
  • Protecting the environment through reducing waste and encouraging proper waste cleanup and disposal. 
  • Raising property value. Walls and ceilings that are not discoloured by dust and smoke will contribute to greater resale value.

The benefits of a downdraft table dust collection system are too numerous to ignore. Ultimately, it is good business sense to keep staff at full earning capability through a clean and safe working environment. A dust-free environment will result in higher product quality through avoiding rejects, rework, and lost production time. WIth a good dust collection system, you can breathe easier and enjoy both short and long term savings!