Companies can achieve success by making high quality products, but production can only go smoothly if the company also commits to maintaining high safety standards and efficiency in their facility. In any metal fabrication shop, there are many potential risks to both employers and employees. These hazards and dangers include:

  • Potential burns and fire risks from sparks and electricity use 
  • Breathing in harmful fumes and dust particles (which can also harm the eyes)
  • Working in poorly lit or dim conditions 
  • Injuries caused by improper removal of metal shavings and chips 

All production jobs in any modern and up-to-date machine shop will involve welding, grinding, cutting, buffing, and polishing. While standard safety requirements can be met by giving employers and workers eye, hand, and respiratory protective gear, it is also essential to provide a safe workspace. This can be achieved through the use of a ‘downdraft cutting table’.

There are many different models of downdraft cutting tables, but on a basic level, all models operate as a workbench or work table with many built-in safety features. These features can be activated by simply plugging in the table. These safety features include:

  • Air filtration systems that pull harmful particles away from the hands, eyes, and mouth and down into the table for proper disposal. 
  • Spark protection and fire retardant coating.
  • LED lighting for optimal visibility. 
  • Built-in trays for collection of slag, chips, and other metal waste. 

These customizable tables can prevent hazards and reduce risks if used over conventional tables. VeriCUT is committed not only to excellent customer service and superior products, but to maintaining high safety standards to maximize worker safety and efficiency. Cutting down on hazards and dangers is easily achieved through the use of a downdraft cutting table!