When you run a woodworking shop, an efficient dust collection system is more than an optional add-on. The issues that can arise from fugitive dust go beyond a messy workshop: wood dust is highly combustible and can present a health and safety hazard. In this blog, we’ll review the various ways that downdraft tables can make your woodworking facility a cleaner and safer place to work. 

What Is a Downdraft Table?

Downdraft tables are workbenches with a built-in system for drawing smoke, fumes, and dust away from the work area and sending it into a dust collection system, where it is filtered before being released back into the environment. Unlike other types of dust collectors, such as cyclones and baghouses, they double as a work surface for cutting, sanding, welding, and other operations involving wood, plastics, metal, and certain other materials. In general, you won’t have to invest in a separate dust collection system, so you save money.

How Does Downdraft Tables Support Woodworking?

Woodworking facilities such as pallets and furniture manufacturers can generate huge volumes of sawdust. These fine particles can cause breathing problems if they get into your respiratory system and larger pieces often fly up during the cutting or sanding process, making it difficult to see during production. Impaired vision can also lead to accidents and employee injury.

When you install a downdraft table, this wood dust is captured while the employees work, preventing it from becoming a health or safety problem. The system also stops sawdust from getting into expensive machinery and electronics so that you don’t encounter unexpected repairs and downtime.

Downdraft tables are also used in metalworking applications, which involve a lot of grinding, welding, cutting, polishing, and other processes that generate toxic fumes and hazardous dust. When inhaled, these pollutants can cause dizziness, headaches, nausea, and even serious health complications. Downdraft tables prevent this outcome by drawing in contaminated air, filtering it, and sending a purified version back into the environment. 

The VeriCUT downdraft system uses industry-leading technology to effectively and efficiently extract airborne contaminants from the work area. Advantages include:

  • Dust recovery rates of up to 99%. Your employees will be protected from airborne pollutants and there is reduced risk of downtime due to illness.
  • Debris removal occurs directly at the cutting/sanding source. The air draw is localized instead of taking place across the entire table.
  • The table air ducts have a capacity that is 40% larger than the standard. This means that more dust is captured without incurring extra energy costs.
  • There are no internal flanges to interfere with steady airflow.
  • Air make-up costs are reduced via the zone-by-zone ducting design. Zone activation is mechanical: there are no costly electronics, hydraulics, or pneumatics involved.
  • Duct doors are laser-cut and precision-fitted to maximize air draw efficiency.
  • Telescopic ducting is available for extra-long tables, so if you manufacture large workpieces, we have a system that can accommodate you.
  • Compact design that won’t require you to make expensive alterations to your facility.
  • The slag trays are removable, reducing maintenance downtime by up to 400%.

VeriCUT downdraft tables also come with software that allows them to scale back when not in operation. This feature allows you to specify setback parameters and save up to 80% a year in energy costs. One study found that the VeriCUT system saved $9,000 in electricity expenses compared to a similar system. These numbers indicate that you will realize a return on your investment in a relatively short amount of time.

Contact a Trusted Canadian Downdraft Table Provider

At VeriCUT, our high-quality, industry-grade woodworking downdraft tables can eliminate shop challenges due to poor air quality and dust accumulation. Whether you manufacture furniture in high-volume quantities or run a smaller artisan-style facility, our systems will keep your employees safer, save you money, and keep the business productive. We are also Canadian-owned and operated and proud to support local businesses with their dust collection needs. For more information or to speak with one of our specialists, please contact VeriCUT Inc.