All manufacturing facilities, no matter how big or small, can cut their carbon footprint and become more sustainable by changing the way they operate. This includes increasing the efficiency of indoor lighting, optimizing their HVAC use, and investing in production equipment that lets you manage their energy usage.

Dust collector efficiency can play a key role in improving the sustainability of your business. A system designed and programmed specifically for your operation and its schedule is a proven engineering control that removes dust and fumes from the air while minimizing energy waste.

At VeriCUT, we have spent over 10 years designing, developing, and engineering next-generation downdraft cutting tables. Our commitment to the community and the environment at large is reflected in the dust collector systems that we make available to clients across a wide range of industries. In this blog, we’ll review the ways that our equipment makes your shop sustainable as well as safe.

Cleans the air 99%

Downdraft tables operate by drawing fumes and dust away from the breathing zones of personnel working at the table. Our dust collectors have a smoke draw system that pulls polluted air with equal efficiency across the full width of the table. Airborne debris from as far away as three feet above the table can be drawn in, preventing your shop from being contaminated with dust build-up. Because smoke removal is 99% with VeriCUT systems, indoor (and outdoor) air quality remains healthy.

Prevents energy waste

Studies have confirmed that at most facilities, the operations that generate fumes and dust are rarely active more than 30% of the time, while dust collectors are constantly in operation. This means that upwards of 70 to 80% of the power used to run the system is wasted.

When you install a VeriCUT system, you benefit from greater dust collector efficiency because the dust control variable motor automatically scales back upon shutdown and remains in that state until the system is needed again. Every production line or workshop has its own unique needs in terms of operating schedule, so our downdraft tables include a software that allows owners and operators to specify the set-back parameters. You only use and pay for the energy you really need.

Reduced energy waste also translates into a huge cost savings. One case study reviewed how much money could be saved on utility costs for a plasma cutting table with a 13,000 cfm, 40hp dust collector. It used 70% less power than other, similar dust collectors at sites that operated 80 hours a week and produced the following savings:

  • Over $9,000 in energy costs for the year. The system controlled by the VeriCUT software cost $3,937 while the other system cost $13,124.
  • Over $4,300 per year in heating costs. The VeriCUT system incurred a heating cost of $1,848 for the year while the other system came to $6,160.

In total, the cutting table with the VeriCUT system cost $5,785 to operate for the year while the table without the software scale-back control cost $19,284. It was a total win-win for the customer and the environment.

Enjoy a reputation for being an environmentally-friendly business

Facility owners and managers are required to meet all applicable environmental requirements as well as quality requirements as outlined by ISO 14000. However, the benefits of compliance are not limited to regulatory approval. 

When your business is publicly perceived as one that makes a sincere effort to reduce waste and pollution, it sends the message that you are doing your part to make the community safer and healthier. Many consumers and businesses have stated that they prefer to support companies with sustainable operating practices. A VeriCUT dust collector can resolve many of the environmental problems associated with manufacturing and elevate your standing in both the community and the industry.

Contact a trusted Canadian downdraft table provider

At VeriCUT, we are proud to use our knowledge and resources to improve downdraft technology and help our customers operate a cleaner, safer, and ‘greener’ facility. We specialize in custom solutions, so contact VeriCUT Inc. to learn how we can help you reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying cost savings and superior productivity.