When you run a business that creates dust either as a product or as part of the manufacturing process, your employees and facility are at risk. For example:

  • Fine dust particles can enter the respiratory system, aggravating allergies and potentially causing lung damage.
  • Dust can accumulate on surfaces that can be hard to reach and clean, such as rafters or false ceilings. A dangerous combination of high quantities and a combustible nature can lead to dust fires and explosions.

Dust collection is a critical issue in Ontario businesses that produce or work with raw materials, such as wood pellet plants, pulp and paper mills, and metalworking shops. There have been several incidents across the province in recent years, including a paper mill fire in Thunder Bay. Installing a modern and efficient dust collector in your facility can help you avoid business interruption and save lives.

How Does A Dust Collector Work?

Dust collectors have a single operating protocol: dirty, dust-laden air goes in and clean air goes out. The actual process will vary according to system type, which is important when you’re shopping for dust collectors in Ontario, but in general, they draw dust from the air through a filter, which captures all particulates before releasing healthy air into the facility or the environment. Basic components include:

  • Blower
  • Filter
  • Filter cleaning system
  • Dust holder
  • Dust removal system

Automatic downdraft tables are another form of dust collection system. These workbenches have built-in ventilation systems that draw dust, fumes, and smoke away from employees working in shop applications involving plasma, metal, wood, and other dust-generating products.

Before buying a dust collector in Ontario, confirm that the dust control variable motor can be scaled back after shutdown and resume regular activity when needed. Although dust collection systems are constantly in operation, studies have shown that they are rarely in use more than 30% of the time your employees are at work. The right system will deliver the protection you need without incurring unnecessary energy costs.

Need More Information About Dust Collectors In Ontario?

If you operate in any of the above-referenced industries, installing dust collectors in your Ontario facilities can create a healthier workplace and prevent devastating events like fires and explosions. At VeriCUT Inc., we provide manufacturers of all backgrounds with the advanced and high-performance equipment needed to eliminate dust hazards. To schedule a consultation about your unique needs, please contact us.