If you operate a facility that handles powder and bulk solids, you’re probably generating hazardous levels of dust. In addition to being a general nuisance, very fine particulates can get into the lungs and cause serious health issues while certain types of dust, such as wood, grain, and metal, are a fire and explosion hazard. 

With worker and site safety being paramount, your dust collector is an essential part of facility operation. This means that if it needs repairs or maintenance, you have to temporarily shut down production until the system is back online. Depending on how long work has to be halted, you can lose a lot of profit and productivity, and dust collector repair costs can add up.

If your current dust collector has needed frequent repairs, you may assume that these expenses and downtime are a frustrating but necessary part of a busy operation. The good news is that there is a dust collection system that needs practically no repairs and can even save you money on your utility bills.

The VeriCUT Solution

VeriCUT downdraft tables are 100% mechanical systems, which means that your dust collector repair and maintenance needs are virtually zero. Unlike a lot of other systems on the market, they only require cleaning two or three times a year, so planned downtime is minimal and can be scheduled at a time that will have the lowest impact on productivity.

Operating Benefits

VeriCUT dust collectors use a specially engineered ducting system that ensures a consistent smoke draw across the entire width of the cutting table. Even smoke that is 2-3 feet above the table can be drawn back down, protecting the shop from smoke and dust accumulation. Smoke is only drawn from the immediate work area, so operating costs are reduced while your workers stay safe during cutting operations.

Other benefits include:

  • No hidden overhead costs: VeriCUT dust collectors incur zero air and electrical utility expenses when not in operation.
  • Custom design/build available to provide you with a downdraft table sized for your production needs.
  • The system has a modular design, so you can make the table longer by adding extra sections. There is no need to buy a new, larger downdraft table.
  • Retrofit is available for existing installations.
  • Jig attachments are available for structural steel jobs that call for specialized cutting.
  • Customized pallet system makes material handling easier and more efficient.
  • Unique optional features available, such as under-the-table hidden caterpillar tracks for tight spaces.

The ability to customize ensures that there is always a VeriCUT system for your operating requirements.

Cut Dust Collection Costs!

Although cutting machines, saws, grinding machines, and other equipment that generate dust and fumes seldom operate for over 30% of a production shift, dust collectors run constantly. This means that you’re paying for energy usage that doesn’t contribute to your bottom line.

A case study found that a plasma cutting table with a 13,000 cfm, 40hp VeriCUT dust collector used 70% less power than another, similar system. (Both systems were installed in facilities with an 80-hour workweek.) The other dust collector had a yearly energy cost of $13,124 while the VeriCUT unit incurred only $3,937 in energy bills, representing a cost savings of $9,187!

Heat savings were equally impressive. While the other system had an annual heating cost of $6,160, the VeriCUT technology only cost $1,848: a difference of $4,312.

Why such a massive difference in utility costs? The VeriCUT system has a dust control variable motor that automatically scales back when operations are shut down. Operators can also input their own set-back parameters to control energy use and save money. A typical first-year return on investment (ROI) is 161%.

Contact a Trusted Canadian Provider

At VeriCUT, we are proud of our reputation as manufacturers of leading industrial dust and fume collection systems. By offering high-performance and energy-efficient dust collectors that need no expensive repairs, we help you address combustible dust hazards and improve the quality of indoor air, making your facility a safer and more productive place to work. To schedule a consultation and identify a system that will quickly become a major asset to your business, please contact VeriCUT Inc.