Maximum Uptime

100% mechanical. Virtually no repairs or maintenance. Extremely low operating costs. Learn more about the most energy-efficient Downdraft Table on the market.

100% Mechanical System – virtually no repairs or maintenance
Clean-up 2-3 Times per Year – no daily downtime
No Hidden Overhead Costs – zero air and electrical utility costs
Customized Pallet Systems – improved material handling
Disposable Slat Frames – can be made in-house or supplied by VeriCUT

Engineered Ducting – consistent smoke draw across full table width
Modular Design – can increase table length simply by adding extra sections
Superior Smoke Removal – improved operator safety
Jig Attachments Available – for specialized cutting of structural steel
Proudly Canadian – local service available for your convenience


  • Built to last, with minimal operating costs
  • Mechanical zone activation – no expensive electronics, hydraulics, or pneumatics
  • Large removable slag trays reduce maintenance downtime by up to 400%
  • Optional side-mount walkways for easier material loading and unloading
  • Name brand heavy-duty bearings and mechanical components with off-the-shelf interchangeability
  • Unique optional features available (e.g. under-the-table hidden caterpillar tracks for tight spaces)
  • Inexpensive future expansion with bolt-in-place, fully-contained modular sections
  • Heavy-duty bearings and mechanical components with off-the-shelf interchangeability


  • Specially slotted air ducts result in more efficient extraction of smoke
  • Improved employee health and longer service life for electronics and components
  • Air ducts have 40% larger capacity than the standard
  • Zone-by-zone ducting design reduces air make-up costs
  • No internal flanges to obstruct flow
  • Laser-cut, precision-fitted duct doors operate under own weight
  • Higher dust recovery rates
  • Less expensive dust collection system required
  • More efficient extraction of smoke, fumes and dust