Studies show that typical dust and fume-producing operations rarely achieve greater than 30% actual operating time, while dust-collection systems operate 100% of the time. The result is obvious – up to 80% of the electricity used to operate the system is wasted – taking valuable heated air with it.  Your customers and workers deserve to breathe easier and you should save money doing so!

Besides the workers themselves, the cleanliness of the machines they are working on is a major key to improved production. A machine’s performance and longevity are hindered by dust. This dust can affect not only the cutting equipment, but also neighbouring machines like press brakes, shears, lasers and punch presses. Minimizing smoke and dust through the use of dust collection devices reduces maintenance expenses. Bearings, ways and other parts that wear due to the presence of dust must be replaced more often, and to maintain product quality, the equipment must be cleaned more frequently. Plasma cutting systems can fail weekly when no dust collection or inadequate dust collectors were used. The failures are most often related to bearings becoming clogged with the dust and smoke rising from the cutting area into the gantry and torch height control systems. Additionally, the power supplies of plasma systems collect metal dust and therefore will fail more often, resulting in both downtime and replacement costs.

Breath Easy and Save Money!