There are a lot of compelling reasons to buy products made in Canada. They range from the reduction of environmental impact to the preservation of local jobs and the overall economy.  As consumers, however, we don’t always think about how our buying decisions affect the communities we live in. Many of us tend to look for lower-priced products made outside of Canada and opt to save money instead of invest in high-quality items made locally.

When COVID-19 took hold, that mindset started to change. Canadians became more conscious of where products were coming from and started letting patriotism guide their purchasing decisions. It’s a positive trend that needs to continue, whether you’re buying a dining room set or a dust collector. 

Why Shop For A Dust Collector In Canada?

When you buy your dust collector from a Canadian company, the benefit goes well beyond the profits realized by the business. You can rest assured that you are getting a product that-

  • Meets this country’s high health and safety standards. The Canadian manufacturing industry is highly regulated, so all dust collectors made here come from factories where quality assurance practices are superior and only the best materials are used.
  • Reduces your carbon footprint, as locally-built products don’t have to be transported as far. Less gas used means better environmental quality.
  • Was made in a facility where the employees are treated fairly and enjoy safe and sanitary working conditions, unlike those working in sweatshop conditions overseas.
  • Supports your community. When you shop for a dust collector in Canada, you contribute to the ongoing prosperity of a Canadian-owned and operated business, and keep local people employed.
  • Lets you avoid the hidden additional costs of duties and import fees. Plus, you receive the equipment much sooner.
  • Has local aftermarket support if you encounter any difficulties.

Buying Canadian also has a direct and positive impact on our economy. Every dollar you spend here has a ripple effect: you participate in the creation and support of local manufacturing jobs, which employ workers who pay taxes and spend money that maintains a healthy local, provincial, and national economy.

Meet VeriCUT- Proudly Canadian!

At VeriCUT, we are 100% Canadian-owned and operated. Guided by our President, Paul Rak, who is a proud Canadian, we manufacture innovative dust collection solutions at our 26,000 sq ft. facility in Cambridge, Ontario. Powered by our wholly-Canadian workforce and dedicated to customer success, we have always been committed to the following principles:

  • Supporting the community: Together with our sister company, VeriForm, we empower local businesses to encourage community prosperity.
  • Sustainability: We make careful and conscious decisions about energy use at our facility. Since 2015, we have also acquired carbon offsets from Canadian sources to stay carbon neutral. 
  • Education: We believe in using education to empower our employees, customers, and the local community.
  • Accessibility: We develop and implement accessible policies, practices, and procedures for the disabled and our hiring practices accommodate disabilities during the selection process.

Our dedication to superior customer service is manifest in our industry-leading dust and fume collection equipment. The VeriCUT Crossflow Downdraft Cutting Table has contributed to safer and more sustainable workplaces everywhere by eliminating the dust and smoke hazards created during plate cutting while minimizing the amount of energy used during daily operations. Other systems run 24-7, incurring energy costs that don’t contribute to your profitability in any way, but VeriCUT dust collectors only operate when you do, saving you up to 70% in utility costs. 

When you buy from us, you get a dust collector with a mechanical design that needs virtually no repairs, protecting your operation from unexpected downtime and reduced productivity. You also benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our technicians and the best customer service in the industry. When you buy Canadian, we believe in making sure that you’re 100% satisfied with your investment.

Contact a Trusted Canadian Provider

If you want to shop for a dust collector in Canada, contact VeriCUT Inc. By partnering with a Canadian company that’s committed to product excellence and greater sustainability in manufacturing, you can enjoy the benefits of a safer workplace with lower operating costs, while the community prospers thanks to your investment.