2020 has officially arrived and with it, the beginning of a new decade. Over the past 10 years VeriCUT has continued to design, develop and engineer the number one downdraft cutting table across North America. They’ve continuously demonstrated their commitment to the community, environment, and greater sustainability in manufacturing by creating a dust collector system that:

  1. Removes 99% of the smoke previously being released into the air.
  2. Improves hazardous working conditions for employees by prioritizing their health.
  3. Protects the environment through reduced waste and encourages proper waste cleanup and disposal
  4. Reduces operation costs by 80%
  5. Boosts productivity through increased visibility and improved accuracy
  6. Maximes machine uptime by 100%
  7. Raises property value as the walls and ceilings are not discoloured by dust and smoke, adhering to a greater resale value.

VeriCUT has innovation embedded in their DNA and take pride in being an industry leader with expert solutions in the downdraft cutting table market. Entering the new decade, VeriCUT is excited to expand and improve the existing downdraft solutions for oxy-acetylene and plasma cutting systems, implement new smoke removal system features, and maximize machine uptime. They continue to improve the community by passing on the benefits of its reduced carbon footprint.

Of course, the success of VeriCUT could not be made possible without their clients, sponsors and the environmentally friendly mentality from the community itself. Therefore, VeriCUT would like to take this time to thank all of their loyal customers for their ongoing support over the last 10 years.

Vericut is unequivocally looking forward to another successful year is 2020. The company plans to leverage their increased staff strength and launch new business strategies focussed on customer demands, customer satisfaction, and environmental sustainability. VeriCUT is excited to take advantage of all of the new opportunities that lie ahead over the next 10 years.