Machine shop environments have to be clean and well-maintained in order to uphold safety standards and ensure maximum efficiency. Most, if not all machine shop jobs will involve equipment and tools that produce a vast amount of dust. While there are masks and other items of safety equipment that workers can wear, companies can also cut back on cleaning and collection costs by investing in preventative measures – the most efficient would be the downdraft table dust collection system

A downdraft table is a workspace that doubles as a proper waste disposal.  There are many health-related hazards that come from breathing in dust and smoke (lung and throat cancer, continuous coughing and sneezing attacks, throat phlegm, asthma, and eye irritation). Therefore, proper dust collection has many good returns on the initial investment by: 

  • Improving working conditions for workers by prioritizing their health. 
  • Avoiding workers compensation claims and lawsuits.
  • Adhering to safety legislations and helping employers to meet their legal obligations.
  • Lowering insurance rates and premiums by preventing fires and accidents.
  • Preventing fires through reducing fire hazards. 
  • Ensuring high quality in the shop’s finishing department since dust cannot reach paint booths.
  • Impressing customers and giving a good impression through a clean shop environment.
  • Providing a clean and safe working environment for employees.
  • Boosting productivity through increasing visibility, improving accuracy, and speeding up efficiency. 
  • Maintaining equipment; less time spent to clean up dust and less money spent to replace clogged machines and worn parts results in future savings. 
  • Protecting expensive office equipment such as computers, printers, scanners and copiers. 
  • Removing the cost of custodial services. 
  • Protecting the environment through reducing waste and encouraging proper waste cleanup and disposal. 
  • Raising property value. Walls and ceilings that are not discoloured by dust and smoke will contribute to greater resale value.

The benefits of a downdraft table dust collection system are too numerous to ignore. Ultimately, it is good business sense to keep staff at full earning capability through a clean and safe working environment. A dust-free environment will result in higher product quality through avoiding rejects, rework, and lost production time. WIth a good dust collection system, you can breathe easier and enjoy both short and long term savings! 

Companies can achieve success by making high quality products, but production can only go smoothly if the company also commits to maintaining high safety standards and efficiency in their facility. In any metal fabrication shop, there are many potential risks to both employers and employees. These hazards and dangers include:

  • Potential burns and fire risks from sparks and electricity use 
  • Breathing in harmful fumes and dust particles (which can also harm the eyes)
  • Working in poorly lit or dim conditions 
  • Injuries caused by improper removal of metal shavings and chips 

All production jobs in any modern and up-to-date machine shop will involve welding, grinding, cutting, buffing, and polishing. While standard safety requirements can be met by giving employers and workers eye, hand, and respiratory protective gear, it is also essential to provide a safe workspace. This can be achieved through the use of a ‘downdraft cutting table’.

There are many different models of downdraft cutting tables, but on a basic level, all models operate as a workbench or work table with many built-in safety features. These features can be activated by simply plugging in the table. These safety features include:

  • Air filtration systems that pull harmful particles away from the hands, eyes, and mouth and down into the table for proper disposal. 
  • Spark protection and fire retardant coating.
  • LED lighting for optimal visibility. 
  • Built-in trays for collection of slag, chips, and other metal waste. 

These customizable tables can prevent hazards and reduce risks if used over conventional tables. VeriCUT is committed not only to excellent customer service and superior products, but to maintaining high safety standards to maximize worker safety and efficiency. Cutting down on hazards and dangers is easily achieved through the use of a downdraft cutting table!

Whether you are cutting, sanding, or building, you will create dust. Whether your shop is a small, one-man operation or a multi-billion dollar industry, you will create dust. This is why investing in a downdraft table dust collection system is vital to save you valuable time and money in the long term for your equipment.

Downdraft dust collection works on the basic notion of “capture and collect”. These systems collect airborne dust particles, fumes, and impurities to keep your shop environment clean and safe. These systems work to eradicate the dust, debris, and fumes that your machinery creates, keeping your space clean and safe at all times.

There are many reasons to invest in a downdraft table dust collection system such as health, safety, employee morale, increased production, improved equipment maintenance, finishing quality, lower custodial costs, and the fact that it can pay for itself in less than a year. 

  1. Breathing in smoke and dust is harmful to the body and can cause health issues in the throat, nose, ears, and eyes. Investing in a downdraft table dust collection system is contributing to the health of all those in your shop’s environment. 
  2. Dust in an environment can become unsafe very quickly; it creates a slipping hazard and impacts visibility. Imagine if dust never flew into the air, but was captured and collected into a canister below your machinery. No danger, and better, breathable air. 
  3. When an environment is free from dust, debris, and fumes, your employees will feel safe and appreciated. This will boost your employee morale, making your shop a better and more productive place to work. 
  4. Not only does a downdraft table dust collection system make for happier and more productive employees; this also makes you money. Increased productivity means increased profit. A clean work environment promotes higher yield as workers have ameliorated visibility, leading to more precise measurements and assemblies. 
  5. While your productivity is increased, and you’re making more revenue, the downdraft table dust collection system will also help you cut costs on equipment maintenance. Because your machinery isn’t constantly being overloaded with dust and debris, it will need fewer repairs. Without the wear and tear of dust, it will function with more precision and longevity. 
  6. If you’re still not sold, another reason to invest in a downdraft table dust collection system is the improved finishing quality. With no dust in the way, lines will be cut more precisely. Further, if anything is stained, varnished, polished, or painted, there is no risk of it being ruined by dust implanting itself into your beautiful finishes. 
  7. It goes without saying that if your dust, debris, and fumes are being collected, your custodial costs will fall tremendously. No more scrubbing or spending hours dusting and sweeping. Simply empty the canister when it fills. 
  8. According to studies done about the use of the VeriCUT Crossflow™ downdraft system, there was a minimum reduction of 70% in annual heating and electrical costs.

Furthermore, there is a typical ROI of a short 7.5 months for metal and woodworking shops, shops in the pharma, cosmetic, food, and commercial industry as well as for laser and plasma cutting tables.

While the initial cost of a downdraft table dust collection system is high, your investment will be returned within the year through savings in custodial work, equipment maintenance, and heat and electric costs while you also see a rise in productivity and finishing quality. 

Call VeriCUT today to improve the quality of your environment and product with a downdraft table dust collection system.

Studies show that typical dust and fume-producing operations rarely achieve greater than 30% actual operating time, while dust-collection systems operate 100% of the time. The result is obvious – up to 80% of the electricity used to operate the system is wasted – taking valuable heated air with it.  Your customers and workers deserve to breathe easier and you should save money doing so!

Besides the workers themselves, the cleanliness of the machines they are working on is a major key to improved production. A machine’s performance and longevity are hindered by dust. This dust can affect not only the cutting equipment, but also neighbouring machines like press brakes, shears, lasers and punch presses. Minimizing smoke and dust through the use of dust collection devices reduces maintenance expenses. Bearings, ways and other parts that wear due to the presence of dust must be replaced more often, and to maintain product quality, the equipment must be cleaned more frequently. Plasma cutting systems can fail weekly when no dust collection or inadequate dust collectors were used. The failures are most often related to bearings becoming clogged with the dust and smoke rising from the cutting area into the gantry and torch height control systems. Additionally, the power supplies of plasma systems collect metal dust and therefore will fail more often, resulting in both downtime and replacement costs.

Breath Easy and Save Money!

Dust collection systems are critically important in any size of workshop that works with any material. Wood, plastic, and composite materials all produce some level of dust or fumes which can be harmful to employees health. Many areas also mandate the use of such collection systems to be compliant with health & safety regulations; it’s a critical piece to any workshop.

Dust and fumes produced by any material while being worked with are well known carcinogens, which can irritate the eyes, skin, and nose, while also leading to some forms of cancer. A workplace that is dusty, or contains fumes, is not safe for any worker and can lead to worker injury and lost downtime and production; not to mention lawsuits and a hike of insurance rates!

Keeping a shop dust and fume free is of critical operating importance, however this can be very costly for smaller shops. The VeriCut Downdraft Cutting Table has been specifically designed and built to reduce the amount of dust and fumes that escape, while using a reliable and virtually maintenance free fully mechanical design; the first step in keeping your shop safe and productive.

VeriCUT’s Crossflow cutting tables, manufactured at VeriForm, help other manufacturers become more efficient when cutting sheet metal and plate. The tables use 66 percent smaller dust collectors to achieve nearly 99 percent smoke removal. The number of installations across Canada and in Florida, Mississippi and Minnesota is rapidly growing. 

The mechanical, high-efficiency smoke and dust removal tables use a zone approach that provides localized smoke removal. The dust collection system draws smoke only from the area of cutting rather than from across the entire table width or length. Rak explained, “Our 100 percent downdraft tables draw smoke from as much as 24 in. above the cutting surface and at up to 48-in. distances along the table length. They are 100 percent mechanical, meaning they have no motors, PLCs, pneumatics, or other powered devices. The benefit of being mechanical is that the tables have practically zero parts that need replacing or will jam up during production. And they are efficient as a result of the zoning. Dust collectors and energy requirements are therefore reduced tremendously, and those monies can be reinvested elsewhere in the company.”

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