When you run a business that creates dust either as a product or as part of the manufacturing process, your employees and facility are at risk. For example:

  • Fine dust particles can enter the respiratory system, aggravating allergies and potentially causing lung damage.
  • Dust can accumulate on surfaces that can be hard to reach and clean, such as rafters or false ceilings. A dangerous combination of high quantities and a combustible nature can lead to dust fires and explosions.

Dust collection is a critical issue in Ontario businesses that produce or work with raw materials, such as wood pellet plants, pulp and paper mills, and metalworking shops. There have been several incidents across the province in recent years, including a paper mill fire in Thunder Bay. Installing a modern and efficient dust collector in your facility can help you avoid business interruption and save lives.

How Does A Dust Collector Work?

Dust collectors have a single operating protocol: dirty, dust-laden air goes in and clean air goes out. The actual process will vary according to system type, which is important when you’re shopping for dust collectors in Ontario, but in general, they draw dust from the air through a filter, which captures all particulates before releasing healthy air into the facility or the environment. Basic components include:

  • Blower
  • Filter
  • Filter cleaning system
  • Dust holder
  • Dust removal system

Automatic downdraft tables are another form of dust collection system. These workbenches have built-in ventilation systems that draw dust, fumes, and smoke away from employees working in shop applications involving plasma, metal, wood, and other dust-generating products.

Before buying a dust collector in Ontario, confirm that the dust control variable motor can be scaled back after shutdown and resume regular activity when needed. Although dust collection systems are constantly in operation, studies have shown that they are rarely in use more than 30% of the time your employees are at work. The right system will deliver the protection you need without incurring unnecessary energy costs.

Need More Information About Dust Collectors In Ontario?

If you operate in any of the above-referenced industries, installing dust collectors in your Ontario facilities can create a healthier workplace and prevent devastating events like fires and explosions. At VeriCUT Inc., we provide manufacturers of all backgrounds with the advanced and high-performance equipment needed to eliminate dust hazards. To schedule a consultation about your unique needs, please contact us.

When you run a shop or other business that produces dust on a daily basis, a dust collector that breaks down frequently can threaten the health and safety of your employees. Even if it doesn’t stop at the worst possible moment, plugged filter bags can cause the fans to work harder and faulty valves can leak compressed air, causing your utility costs to shoot up.

The best solution to these manufacturing challenges is a dust collector that needs virtually no maintenance or repairs. Enter VeriCUT.

VeriCUT vs. Other Systems

VeriCUT dust collectors are specially-designed to offer the most efficient dust extraction in the industry. Its zone-by-zone ducting system only draws smoke from the immediate area of cutting work being done, instead of across the entire table, resulting in a smaller dust collection system that offers higher dust recovery rates and a superior return on investment.

VeriCUT is compatible with practically all applications that produce fumes or dust, including:

  • Woodworking
  • Metalworking
  • Food processing
  • Chemical processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Plasma cutting

Efficient operation ensures, among other things, that your dust collector repair costs are practically zero and you save money on utility bills.

Utility Cost Differences

One case study involving a plasma cutting table with a 13,000 cfm, 40hp dust collector showed the impacts on utility costs:

  • Compared to other 40 hp dust collectors in facilities operating 80 hours a week, there was a 70% reduction in power consumption, resulting in electricity savings of $9,187 per year. (The VeriCUT system cost only $3,937 to operate while the other system cost $13,124).
  • In terms of heat savings, the VeriCUT system cost only $1,848: a difference of $4,312 compared to the annual heating cost of $6,160 incurred by the other system.

The cutting table without a VeriCUT dust collector had an overall annual utility cost of $19,284, compared to $5,785 in the unit where VeriCUT had been installed. 

Why such a huge difference? Although operations that generate dust and fumes seldom account for over 30% of a facility’s operating hours, most dust collection systems operate 100% of the time, resulting in waste of electricity that can be as high as 80%. With VeriCUT, the dust control variable motor automatically scales back on shut down. You can also specify the set-back parameters to achieve an ideal balance of system-readiness and energy-efficiency.

Return On Investment (ROI)

Although VeriCUT may be more expensive than other dust collection systems, its robust system, which requires virtually no maintenance or dust collector repair, produces a typical first-year return on investment (ROI) of 161% while the 10-year ROI is 1600%. This is one of the best demonstrations of that old saying, “You get what you pay for.”Installing a VeriCUT dust collector is a significant investment in the future success of your business. To schedule a consultation or learn more about how we can help you strengthen your bottom line, please contact VeriCUT Inc today.

Dear Valued Customers & Vendors,

As we, at VeriForm Inc. and Caliber Tech Corp., are monitoring the ever-changing climate of the pandemic, including communications following Government guidelines, we would like to inform you of our efforts to manage and combat the Covid-19 virus situation. Effective as of March 9th 2020, VeriForm Inc. and Caliber Tech Corp. put into place the following preventative measures in our facility.

Firstly, any employee who chooses to travel via a commercial airline or cruise ship is required to remain at home for 14 days upon their return. Furthermore, any employees showing signs of illness will not be allowed to return to work until medical clearance is obtained. We have trained our staff on understanding the 3 key symptoms of difficulty breathing, coughing and fever to ensure staff quarantine themselves should any staff experience Covid-19 symptoms. Social distancing, staggered lunchroom breaks, sanitizing work areas and other procedures are in full effect to help us minimize any chance of transmitting or being infected with the virus.

Secondly, we are working closely with our employees and drivers to ensure frequent hand washing and proper hygienic measures are followed. Sanitation of all high-touch surfaces in our office, workshop and break room are being carried out throughout the day including machinery, instruments, appliances, tools etc.

Thirdly, we have temporarily suspended any unnecessary face to face visits/meetings with customers and vendors.

We are doing everything we can to protect our workforce and to minimize any disruptions to our manufacturing process. Thus far, both our plant and our raw material supply chain remain unaffected and, at this time, our lead times remain relatively stable.

The health and safety of our team, families, customers, and communities continues to be our highest priority moving forward, and we will do everything we can to respond to the current events while continuing to maintain exceptional service.

Paul Rak
VeriForm Inc.

Dust collection is an essential part of any industry that processes raw materials, especially if it produces combustible dust. Many woodworking, grain processing, and metal manufacturing facilities install dust collection systems to keep the premises clean and protect property and personnel from hazardous situations like dust fires and explosions.

While they play a critical role in workplace safety, dust collectors also pose a fire risk. Those who are familiar with the Fire Triangle know that there are three elements which must be present for a fire to occur. These are: 

  • Fuel
  • Oxygen
  • Heat

Dust collectors collect fuel on a regular basis: they’re constantly pulling combustible dust off the tables, floors and fixtures. As they suck in the dust, they also bring in oxygen at a high velocity, which means air is constantly circulating through the system. If heat is also generated, the could result in a fire. 

How can heat be created in a dust collector?

Depending on the industry, there are several things that can produce sufficient heat to cause a fire. In a metalworking or automotive plant, for example, sparks generated by welding or cutting machines can be pulled into the dust collector, where they may hit the filter media and ignite. Sawmills and paper mills face similar risks. Even an ember from a carelessly discarded cigarette can trigger a series of events that lead to a dust fire and potentially an explosion.

Are handheld fire extinguishers enough?

Although many businesses use handheld fire extinguishers, this common firefighting tool carries its own potential risks. When you’re manually fighting a dust collector fire, you need to shut the machine down and wait the recommended amount of time (typically 30 seconds) before opening it to access the burning interior. However, doing this can allow more oxygen into the system and create a larger fire, leading to employee injury and equipment damage.

The benefits of an automatic fire suppression system

When you have an automatic fire suppression system in place, no employee needs to try extinguishing a dust collector fire themselves. As soon as the fire is detected, the system releases a suppression agent and puts it out before an explosion can occur. If you have explosion protection in place, this suppression system can also eliminate any residual fire after an event takes place. Your employees, equipment, and facility are safe. At VeriCUT Inc., we can help you increase safety and efficiency by installing a downdraft table and dust collector system that eliminates dust, smoke and fumes and prevents dust fires from escalating to deflagration stage. We serve a variety of industrial applications, so contact us to learn more.

A dust collection system is used to enhance the quality of air released from industrial or commercial processes by collecting airborne particles, fine dust particles and impurities. Dust collectors work on the basic principle of capture and collect. At VeriCUT, we’ve developed our unique dust collector working principle to not only ensure that your work displays precision, but also to ensure your health is met with the same standard.

The past decade has been devoted to prioritizing the following benefits for the community and environment according to our dust collector working principle:

  • Reducing the vast risks of breathing dust and smoke.
  • Decreasing the risk of fire hazards.
  • Cost savings regarding environmental, custodial and maintenance costs.
  • Lower insurance rates as a result of decreased risk.

With its exceptional cross-flow design, the VeriCUT dust collector working principle focuses on cutting dust collection operating costs by 80% while reducing the environmental impact and improving working health conditions.

How Does It Work?

With the VeriCUT dust collector system, the dust control variable motor is automatically scaled back on shut down until it’s needed, which allows the operator to control the the set-back parameters and overall operating costs.

We’ve developed a zone-by-zone ducting design to accompany our dust collector working principle. This means that the dust collection system draws smoke only from the immediate area affected by cutting at that moment, rather than drawing across the whole table all the time. This results in lower air make-up costs, higher dust recovery rates, better ROI in your equipment and a smaller dust collection system.

Cost Reduction

We’ve done the math so you don’t have to. The monetary savings experienced are proven.

Electricity Savings

Savings > 70%

Based on annual electrical operating costs of $13,124, you can expect to receive $9,187 in savings, bringing your total to $3,937.

Heating Savings

Savings > 70%

Based on annual heating operational costs of $6,160, you can expect to receive $4,312 in savings, bringing your total to $1,848.

Contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote.

2020 has officially arrived and with it, the beginning of a new decade. Over the past 10 years VeriCUT has continued to design, develop and engineer the number one downdraft cutting table across North America. They’ve continuously demonstrated their commitment to the community, environment, and greater sustainability in manufacturing by creating a dust collector system that:

  1. Removes 99% of the smoke previously being released into the air.
  2. Improves hazardous working conditions for employees by prioritizing their health.
  3. Protects the environment through reduced waste and encourages proper waste cleanup and disposal
  4. Reduces operation costs by 80%
  5. Boosts productivity through increased visibility and improved accuracy
  6. Maximes machine uptime by 100%
  7. Raises property value as the walls and ceilings are not discoloured by dust and smoke, adhering to a greater resale value.

VeriCUT has innovation embedded in their DNA and take pride in being an industry leader with expert solutions in the downdraft cutting table market. Entering the new decade, VeriCUT is excited to expand and improve the existing downdraft solutions for oxy-acetylene and plasma cutting systems, implement new smoke removal system features, and maximize machine uptime. They continue to improve the community by passing on the benefits of its reduced carbon footprint.

Of course, the success of VeriCUT could not be made possible without their clients, sponsors and the environmentally friendly mentality from the community itself. Therefore, VeriCUT would like to take this time to thank all of their loyal customers for their ongoing support over the last 10 years.

Vericut is unequivocally looking forward to another successful year is 2020. The company plans to leverage their increased staff strength and launch new business strategies focussed on customer demands, customer satisfaction, and environmental sustainability. VeriCUT is excited to take advantage of all of the new opportunities that lie ahead over the next 10 years.

VeriCUT prides itself as an industry leader with expert solutions in the downdraft cutting table market.  One of the largest contributions VeriCUT provides back to the community is an ongoing promise to the environment and commitment to greater sustainability in manufacturing.

Paul Rak, the president of VeriCUT Inc. is a pragmatic visionary and distinguished businessman. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Western Ontario and went further to study Business Management and Quality at the University of Waterloo. Paul remains a frequent speaker on topics pertaining to the sustainability of businesses and the various benefits of going green. Before he founded VeriCUT, Paul worked as a production manager with Custom Engineering Automation Inc.

VeriCUT has always been committed to excellence and improving the community by passing on the benefits of its reduced carbon footprint.  Of course, the success of VeriCUT could not be made possible without sponsors and the pull of the community itself. This is why during this Holiday Season, VeriCUT likes to reflect back on its Community and their support.

From our VeriCUT family to yours, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season. 

Machine shop environments have to be clean and well-maintained in order to uphold safety standards and ensure maximum efficiency. Most, if not all machine shop jobs will involve equipment and tools that produce a vast amount of dust. While there are masks and other items of safety equipment that workers can wear, companies can also cut back on cleaning and collection costs by investing in preventative measures – the most efficient would be the downdraft table dust collection system

A downdraft table is a workspace that doubles as a proper waste disposal.  There are many health-related hazards that come from breathing in dust and smoke (lung and throat cancer, continuous coughing and sneezing attacks, throat phlegm, asthma, and eye irritation). Therefore, proper dust collection has many good returns on the initial investment by: 

  • Improving working conditions for workers by prioritizing their health. 
  • Avoiding workers compensation claims and lawsuits.
  • Adhering to safety legislations and helping employers to meet their legal obligations.
  • Lowering insurance rates and premiums by preventing fires and accidents.
  • Preventing fires through reducing fire hazards. 
  • Ensuring high quality in the shop’s finishing department since dust cannot reach paint booths.
  • Impressing customers and giving a good impression through a clean shop environment.
  • Providing a clean and safe working environment for employees.
  • Boosting productivity through increasing visibility, improving accuracy, and speeding up efficiency. 
  • Maintaining equipment; less time spent to clean up dust and less money spent to replace clogged machines and worn parts results in future savings. 
  • Protecting expensive office equipment such as computers, printers, scanners and copiers. 
  • Removing the cost of custodial services. 
  • Protecting the environment through reducing waste and encouraging proper waste cleanup and disposal. 
  • Raising property value. Walls and ceilings that are not discoloured by dust and smoke will contribute to greater resale value.

The benefits of a downdraft table dust collection system are too numerous to ignore. Ultimately, it is good business sense to keep staff at full earning capability through a clean and safe working environment. A dust-free environment will result in higher product quality through avoiding rejects, rework, and lost production time. WIth a good dust collection system, you can breathe easier and enjoy both short and long term savings! 

Companies can achieve success by making high quality products, but production can only go smoothly if the company also commits to maintaining high safety standards and efficiency in their facility. In any metal fabrication shop, there are many potential risks to both employers and employees. These hazards and dangers include:

  • Potential burns and fire risks from sparks and electricity use 
  • Breathing in harmful fumes and dust particles (which can also harm the eyes)
  • Working in poorly lit or dim conditions 
  • Injuries caused by improper removal of metal shavings and chips 

All production jobs in any modern and up-to-date machine shop will involve welding, grinding, cutting, buffing, and polishing. While standard safety requirements can be met by giving employers and workers eye, hand, and respiratory protective gear, it is also essential to provide a safe workspace. This can be achieved through the use of a ‘downdraft cutting table’.

There are many different models of downdraft cutting tables, but on a basic level, all models operate as a workbench or work table with many built-in safety features. These features can be activated by simply plugging in the table. These safety features include:

  • Air filtration systems that pull harmful particles away from the hands, eyes, and mouth and down into the table for proper disposal. 
  • Spark protection and fire retardant coating.
  • LED lighting for optimal visibility. 
  • Built-in trays for collection of slag, chips, and other metal waste. 

These customizable tables can prevent hazards and reduce risks if used over conventional tables. VeriCUT is committed not only to excellent customer service and superior products, but to maintaining high safety standards to maximize worker safety and efficiency. Cutting down on hazards and dangers is easily achieved through the use of a downdraft cutting table!

Whether you are cutting, sanding, or building, you will create dust. Whether your shop is a small, one-man operation or a multi-billion dollar industry, you will create dust. This is why investing in a downdraft table dust collection system is vital to save you valuable time and money in the long term for your equipment.

Downdraft dust collection works on the basic notion of “capture and collect”. These systems collect airborne dust particles, fumes, and impurities to keep your shop environment clean and safe. These systems work to eradicate the dust, debris, and fumes that your machinery creates, keeping your space clean and safe at all times.

There are many reasons to invest in a downdraft table dust collection system such as health, safety, employee morale, increased production, improved equipment maintenance, finishing quality, lower custodial costs, and the fact that it can pay for itself in less than a year. 

  1. Breathing in smoke and dust is harmful to the body and can cause health issues in the throat, nose, ears, and eyes. Investing in a downdraft table dust collection system is contributing to the health of all those in your shop’s environment. 
  2. Dust in an environment can become unsafe very quickly; it creates a slipping hazard and impacts visibility. Imagine if dust never flew into the air, but was captured and collected into a canister below your machinery. No danger, and better, breathable air. 
  3. When an environment is free from dust, debris, and fumes, your employees will feel safe and appreciated. This will boost your employee morale, making your shop a better and more productive place to work. 
  4. Not only does a downdraft table dust collection system make for happier and more productive employees; this also makes you money. Increased productivity means increased profit. A clean work environment promotes higher yield as workers have ameliorated visibility, leading to more precise measurements and assemblies. 
  5. While your productivity is increased, and you’re making more revenue, the downdraft table dust collection system will also help you cut costs on equipment maintenance. Because your machinery isn’t constantly being overloaded with dust and debris, it will need fewer repairs. Without the wear and tear of dust, it will function with more precision and longevity. 
  6. If you’re still not sold, another reason to invest in a downdraft table dust collection system is the improved finishing quality. With no dust in the way, lines will be cut more precisely. Further, if anything is stained, varnished, polished, or painted, there is no risk of it being ruined by dust implanting itself into your beautiful finishes. 
  7. It goes without saying that if your dust, debris, and fumes are being collected, your custodial costs will fall tremendously. No more scrubbing or spending hours dusting and sweeping. Simply empty the canister when it fills. 
  8. According to studies done about the use of the VeriCUT Crossflow™ downdraft system, there was a minimum reduction of 70% in annual heating and electrical costs.

Furthermore, there is a typical ROI of a short 7.5 months for metal and woodworking shops, shops in the pharma, cosmetic, food, and commercial industry as well as for laser and plasma cutting tables.

While the initial cost of a downdraft table dust collection system is high, your investment will be returned within the year through savings in custodial work, equipment maintenance, and heat and electric costs while you also see a rise in productivity and finishing quality. 

Call VeriCUT today to improve the quality of your environment and product with a downdraft table dust collection system.

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